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Raniba Industries Pvt Ltd - The Treasury of Royalty is the leading tiles manufacturing company based in Morbi, Gujarat, India. It manufactures and exports a wide range of tiles, including porcelain tiles, full body tiles, big slabs, GVT/PGVT tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles & Sanitaryware. Its vision is to serve its customers’ and associates’ needs and requirements. Being a market leader, the company wants to serve its customers with the best quality products.

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Raniba Industries Pvt Ltd easily impart a decorative look to any setting. They may be used in large expanses or even smaller stretches like frames and border.

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Cost effective, easy to install, ability to create your own bespoke designs – they’re just three reasons why renovators the world over love ceramic tiles.

More Innovative

Innovation is one key aspect of business which ensures success even in the toughest times. When you innovate new technologies the steps to success automatically form for you.


Raniba Industries Pvt Ltd comes in a variety of sizes and appearances, which makes it a versatile option for the interior and exteriors of your home.

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As people seek elegant living and modern office space, we enhance their experience in every possible way – aesthetically, effectively and technically.

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